Word Intermediate Course duration: 1 day

Storing & Retrieving Standard Text
Storing AutoCorrect entries
Storing AutoText entries
Retrieving AutoText entries using the mouse
Retrieving AutoText entries using the keyboard
Editing an existing AutoText entry Renaming
an existing AutoText entry
Deleting an AutoText entry
Printing a list of AutoText entries

Working with Multi-Page Documents
Inserting page breaks into a document
Changing page margins in print preview
Adding headers and footers to a document
Adding page numbers to a document
Viewing documents

Templates (Master Documents)
Using Word’s standard templates
Creating your own templates
Editing templates
Using prompt fields in templates
Adding date fields to templates
Managing Files
Adding passwords to confidential documents

Creating table-layouts in documents
Entering and editing text in a table
Improving the appearance of a table
Using Word’s table format gallery
Altering column widths & row heights
Deleting and inserting columns & rows into a table